Whistleblowers Book of Courage - Bailey Lamon & Rico Brouwer

Bailey Lamon from Canada and Rico Brouwer from the Netherlands are writing a ‘book about courage with some of the brave men and women that dared to lose everything for what is right’

It’s a collection of short-stories based on interviews with a few of the most prominent whistleblowers of our time, in perspective of modern day journalism.

Some of the stories are based on these interviews:

concept art - book cover

concept art - book cover

The book is currently being written, this is its website: http://bookofcourage.com

We talked about this project on the Anonymous Bites Back Podcast episode 174 on 20 september 2019. Here’s the website of their podcast: http://anonymousbitesback.com/

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ABBLiveShow

Link to the recording