Monsanto®: A Photographic Investigation - Mathieu Asselin (English)

‘Art is truth and truth is art’.
Photographer Mathieu Asselin decided to visualize the damage Monsanto has done -and is doing to this day as Bayer Monsanto- to people and the environment all over the world. His project has won multiple awards and has been touring the world as an exhibition. It’s in Amsterdam at the Ravestijn Gallery, until july 31st 2019.

Rico Brouwer of Potkaars talks with Mathieu and guest curator Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo about how they visualized the damage agent orange, roundup and genetically engineered crops have done and are doing to this day and about the stories behind the pictures. In the conversation in English we talk about big corp. About how people in power are making policy decisions as a result of lobbying more than scientific substenance or the well being of the people. Matthieu previously captured the occupy Wallstreet movement through his art: ‘A sense of community will follow economic downturn and the malpractise of politicians and corporations. but we do not need another crisis to see what is happening this time’.

The conversation then takes a turn: with the agricultural products of Monsanto it’s like with technology; we decide the way we consume it and if we consume it at all. The problem with corporations like these? The corporations are completely faceless and not accountable for their mess.

Mathieu has given a face to the damage Monsanto has done. This exposition serves as both a warning and a roadmap, through art.