Interview with Kazachstan: Geopolitics & Empire - and the ‘Many Stream Media’

It was back-to-school for me after the crisis in 2008: regular education had not tought me what was going on in the world and I felt the need to know. For over ten years since, I’ve been reading up and listening to many podcasts.

A few months back I started making my own podcasts to try share some of what I had learned and I got to interview the special rapporteur for the United Nations: Alfred de Zayas, about the situation in Venezuela.

De Zayas was professor to Hrvoje Morić, who has interviewed many of the people that I’d been listening to and read books from over the years. He runs a channel called Geopolitics and Empire, currently from Kazachstan.

We got in touch and talked about our shared and different perspectives; we exchanged views. Here’s a first conversation about learning, teaching, podcasting, politics (and Pirate Party). We talk about the failure of MSM (mainstream media) to report properly on what is developing in the world today and what we can replace MSM with? How about ‘Many Stream Media’? Let’s connect.