EP2019 - European Parliamentary Elections

Potkaars has invited frontrunners/top candidates of the pan-European parties: DIEM25, Pirate Party and Volt to come discuss the elections. Moreover, all Dutch parties participating in the upcoming elections for the European Parliament are invited also to talk about their plans for democratic change, who they are, what they aspire, what the main European topics are as they see them. On this blogpost you will find all their interviews.

mattias ep2019.jpg
marketa ep2019.jpg

interviews: Rico Brouwer, Raymond Johansen, Bailey Lamon
Pirate Parties International, Potkaars.nl

  • invited pan -European parties (no response yet): Diem25, Volt (16),

  • invitation to Dutch parties (no response yet): CDA, D66, Pvda, PvdD, FvD (14), PVV, SP, SGP, CU, vanderegio (15)

  • invited, accepted: degroenen (13)

  • invited, declined: Groen Links, VVD